The Hallertau region is considered to be the birthplace of Bavarian beer. For centuries, it has been the largest hop-growing area in the world as well as being one of the most charming places Bavaria has to offer.
Soft rolling hills, unspoilt trails and traditional Bavarian restaurants off the tourist trail – insider tips which you won’t find marked on any map.
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For hotel guests, the Geisenfeld location offers you a spot less than twenty minutes away to enjoy all that the city of Ingolstadt has to offer.

Here there is more than enough to keep anyone happy, whatever your private or professional hobbies: major corporations such as AUDI AG and Media-Saturn, an elegant shopping venue including malls, designer shops and the Ingolstadt village designer outlet.

A theater and famous museums
(including the German Museum for the History of Medicine and the Museum for Concrete Art).

Those seeking sportier attractions will enjoy the Geisenfeld water-skiing park, just 4.5 km away.
Geisenfeld is also just a stone’s throw from the Ingolstadt-Manching airport (8 km, EADS) and is accessible from Munich (60 km).

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